A New Direction…and Some Great Changes.

Since I met and moved in with my  once boyfriend, now husband. The house we live in has the back portion of our home converted to a semi apartment. It was originally built by my husband for  his father to live in, but since his passing, it has been used to help out a few friends get back on their feet.


But as our family as grown over so rapidly over in a few short year, we decided that as a family we needed more space. Little did I know how much my home would open up after saying buh bye to a few walls. 

renovations disiguised

 That’s my hubby making faces through the now disintegrated wall, I disguised him with some sunglasses and a mustache in case he doesn’t want his face plastered all over my site 🙂 

At this point we are gutting and remodeling our bathroom and a spare room into our master bedroom the bathroom. I think after we finish those two projects we will take a break for a minute or two to enjoy our new designs . And then in a few years we will be renovating our old kitchen;  blowing out a back wall and joining two rooms to become one huge kitchen.

In the meantime I will use the extra space as a office/work space. Which is perfect for me, because it keep my little ones from trying to destroy play with all of my stuff. By the time we make this next renovation, I am hoping my little ones will not be so curious of my work and stop touching it .

I’m super excited to redecorate and plan all of the design work with my husband and I have been pinning a lot of bathroom and bedroom ideas, heck I’m even pinning kitchen ideas at the moment.

I am loving all of the colors that are around right now and I think I will be going with this color palette from Benjamin Moore for the paint for our bedroom.

I just love the way gray looks on the walls!

I would really love to try and figure out some new ways to upcycle some of our old furniture, because it would be nice to save some money on new furniture, but also because the challenge o creating something new from something old is always a fun and creative challenge. We have s few different style of dressers ( I know, so outdated) like the one pictured below. I would be curious to see if either my husband or myself could figure out something to make them a bit more updated and in tune with the style we now like.

As I mentioned we are also gutting an remodeling our bathroom, we are working with a narrow space, so I am always looking for ideas for smaller type of spaces. So far I have found a few like this one that I will try and draw inspiration from. For the decorating ,I love the look of two shower curtains which we also decided we would go with instead of glass doors, until my little ones are bigger. And then if we want to to switch it we will.

I will be updating the process every now and again. Now I need to let you all know  this is something so out of my comfort zone. Typically with all the choices available, I tend to get overwhelmed and I cop out and go with solid colors (black, beige, brown) and never experiment with designs,  patterns, or even color for that matter.

I have decided that for these upcoming changes I  will take on the challenge of stepping out of my boring old decorating routine and just have fun with it all!!

I’l post some before pictures soon!!! Trust when I tell you my bathroom right now is very old. We still have a seashell shaped sink.

Any one remember those!!!!



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