Hula Girl Cupcakes

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As I mentioned in my previous post, my younger daughter will be celebrating her first birthday this upcoming week. And to honor this milestone….we’re having a luau; a birthday Luau. So on my many list of things to do is a side note to come up with some sweets ideas for dessert, besides her cake.

It’s hot here in NY, so I need to keep in mind how soft, mushy and really annoying icing and frosting is to work with and keep set in the heat. So I am trying to come up with ideas of other ways to decorate.

In my travels I came across a cool picture of a silhouetted hula girl dancing herself away on top of a cupcake. ( You can see the original version here at  Hey Cupcake.)

None the less this is my first go….

Not the best picture quality, so my apologies to you, but just so you get the idea.

All in all I think cutting her out is way too much work for a lot of cupcakes, so I may try to go for something a bit simpler, like a pineapple or palm tree…or maybe even both.

So til’ I start experimenting again………


Cupcakes Decorated with Candy for Luau Party

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My youngest daughter will be turning “1” next Saturday. My better half and I decided that since it’s the middle of the summer and super hot that we would do a Hawaiian luau theme for her party.

I’ve been tinkering with ideas of what type of “treats” to serve, besides her cake that could go along with the theme.

I was going to do the typical pineapples, palm trees and such…but thought that I might give it a go with decorating with candy….it’s only a start and I’m not even sure if it’s the direction I want to go in, but here are the beginnings of the cupcakes….

I used what I had around, which was basically gumdrops, skittles, tic-tacs and icing.

When I look at them they give off a fruity feeling. (I know that’s not really a feeling)  But this is the first of a few experiments in both miniature and regular sized cupcakes.

I like the color range that the skittles came in paired with the vibrancy of the tic-tacs..but I may be better off using jelly beans, which also offer a wide selection of colors.

But these are the first and will get better as my head thinks more and more and more 🙂



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