WWE John Cena Championship Belt Cake

This past weekend not only did we celebrate Labor Day,  but for my family we also celebrated Tim’s cousin turning 21 with a surprise birthday party.

I was asked to make him a cake, but not just any cake, a WWE John Cena Championship wrestling belt cake.

Now, I am always up for a creative challenge, but I think I better do some research before agreeing to certain designs in the future.

The image I had in my head, certainly was not as intricate as the actual belt itself, so I had to pull on my big girl creative pants to pull this one off….

I still don’t really know how I did it.

I made a chocolate cake and covered it in tinted black chocolate butter cream.

For the middle belt part, I used a mix of fondant painted gold and silver, butter cream tinted yellow, red,  gray and pure white. I also used yellow sanding sugar, and gold/silver tinted piping gel to add in a bit of shimmer and definition to the whole of it all. I also used those little round decorating balls as accents as well. Think gaudy diamonds…lol!

 I sometime wish I had more time to dedicate to a cake like this, because now that it’s done, I would do it so differently the next time. The one thing a cake like this teaches you, is how to do it better and more efficiently the next time. It definitely was a hit and the birthday boy loved it…”Happy Happy Billy!”



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