Cute Spider Cupcakes with Bows

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I had so many plans for making Halloween sweets this year. My mind has been overflowing with ideas since late August, of all the wonderful treats I was going to create this year.

Now it’s almost Halloween and the only things I have posted have been about Ghost PoopMiniature Ghost High Hat Cupcakes and my failed version of getting a pumpkin image into the middle of a cupcake. So out of all the ideas I had planned and the 31 days of October I made three.

Three….1…2…3….that’s it.

I forget that with two crazy children underfoot that finding the time to actually create some of the ideas that swim about my mind is at times next to impossible. Any spare time I have is often used up by doing house work and side work.

So in reality the fact that I even had a moment to make three is pretty awesome. And on top of that awesome three I made, I recently made a 4th, go me!

My two year old attends gymnastics class twice a week, since she does not have class on Halloween, they were celebrating it by having a  party this week.

The parents were offered the chance to bring in sweets for their party, I opted to make something, since well, that’s what I do.


I made miniature spider cupcakes, and for the girls, some of them had big over sized bows.

They were really simple and easy to make and took no time at all.

This is what you will need:

  • Miniature cupcakes
  • Black Licorice string
  • White candies for the eyes (I used sixlets)
  • Black food marker
  • Fondant
  •  Butter Cream Frosting
  • Gel food coloring

Cut the licorice into strips and insert into the sides of the cupcake, they can be as long or as short as you prefer.  With your food marker draw in eyes onto the white candies and attach to the cupcake with a dab of butter cream. You could also pipe two eyes onto the cupcake and put chocolate chips into them if, you don’t have candies. Use what you have on hand and what works for you.

 I made the mouth by tinting a small amount of fondant yellow and rolling it into a thin strip which I then shaped into a smiling mouth. Once again you don’t have to use fondant, you could use butter cream to pipe the mouth or what ever else you choose.

I was going to make fangs and incorporate a lot of blood. But since they were for two and three year old children, I thought  it best to stick with  “cute” spider as opposed to scary bloodthirsty ones.

Note: It’s never a good thing to scare other peoples children, unless of course specifically asked to do so by the parents 🙂

For the bow I simply tinted fondant with orange gel food coloring. I cut it into thin strips and folded it back onto itself to make a bow. To finish them I wrapped a smaller piece of fondant around the middle part.

From the Ohhhh’s and Ahhhhh’s that sounded when these cute little buggers were given to the kids, I’m figuring they were a hit!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to say Hello or just let me know you were here by leaving a comment below!




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Make Your Own Ghost Poop

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saw my first Ghost Poop treat bag a few years back. It cracked me up, because it’s funny, but also because it is soooooooo simple to make!  I’ve been making my own printed versions of these for Halloween ever since!

It seriously takes no time at all to make and is a great little treat!

With only a few items to assemble them and a few extra minutes to put them together, you can create a fun, easy treat to share a giggle or two.

This is what you will need:

Mini Marshmallows

Cellophane bags, for this specific template I used 4×6 Bags from Wilton. If you don’t have access to these type of bags you could always use a small ziploc bag as well.

 The template I made measures 4×3…it folds in half.

I use a free graphics program from Serif to make these, but you could use any graphics program to design your own OR You can print a copy out {HERE}

 After you cut them out, fold them over, fill your cellophane bags with a handful of marshmallows and staple the top…and Viola!!!! You have official Ghost Poop!

 These are great as Halloween party favors or even small little gifts for the neighborhood kids! I make them for my kids and give them out to their playmates as well! Because everyone loves marshmallows 🙂

 I hope you enjoy these. If you have any questions or just want to say hello to let me know you were here, please feel free to leave a comment below!
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