Bunny Bites Frozen Yogurt

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If you know me , then you may have seen these  little creations or these. Then you might have realized it would only be a matter of time, before I made another version. I can’t help myself, most of the time my brain just works like this! Some people think of making great architectural structures or the next big technological leap and I think of what I can make out of yogurt.

Just my way of expressing my creativity and doing my part to contribute to the grand scheme of things! ūüôā

Frozen Yogurt bunny bites carrot shapes

Truth is my kids can’t get ENOUGH of these, so it’s my job to think of the next great thing to create. And since I use Greek yogurt to make these they do add a nice protein punch into their diets and make me willing to make them whenever they want them. I personally use Fage yogurt, because it is hands down the best yogurt EVER! (That is strictly an opinion of mine, which makes it sort of a fact in my world.)

The idea of these cute bunny bites popped into my head randomly this morning as I did the half asleep shuffle into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Because most people think of things like this at that strange moment in time right???? Or not.

frozen yogurt bunny bites carrots

Anyways they are super easy to make and only take minutes of your precious time.

This is what you will need……….

  • Yogurt (Greek, I use Fage brand, but use what you like)
  • Food coloring orange and green
  • Decorating bags or plastic baggies to pipe
  • Wax paper

I also use plain yogurt which I flavor and sweeten at home, personally I like it that way as do my kids, but you can use whatever flavor preference you like. Next tint your yogurt orange and green.

tint yogurt

Scoop each mixture into a decorating bag or a plastic baggie and snip off a small piece of the corner to pipe the shapes. Starting with the orange create the shape of the carrot by piping a zig zig type of line onto a sheet of wax paper. Be sure the wax paper is on something that will allow you to transfer the piped images into the freezer.

frozen yogurt carot bunny bites pipe orange

After all the lower portions of the carrots are finished, start adding the greens on top. I also did this by adding a zig zag pattern.

add green frozen yogurt carrot bunny bites

After they are all done, place them in the freezer for about an hour! They will be little frozen bites afterwards

frozen yogurt carrot shaped bunny bites

Be mindful they will melt! But they usually don’t last that long!

What other fun shapes would you like to see these made into???

Give me an idea or four as I would love a new challenge!


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Shamrock Frozen Yogurt Bites

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Just when I thought I was done with the St. Patrick’s day themed treats, I realized I forgot to post this one. Which is also so good that I needed to share it. I’m sure you’ve seen versions of these frozen yogurt bites, I make them all the time for my kids and thought I would dress them up for St. Patrick’s Day

Think of it as my good deed towards health.

These are super easy to make and you probably have all the ingredients on hand already!

This is what you need…

  • Yogurt ( I used¬†Greek¬†yogurt)
  • Green food dye
  • Wax paper
  • Plastic Baggie or decorating bag

Mix  yogurt and green food dye to get the color you desire.

Scoop mixture into a decorating bag or a plastic baggie and snip the corner off. Pipe the shamrock shapes onto a sheet of wax paper place on top of a cookie sheet. I made a bunch of swirls that resembled a shamrock, try a few different things to see what works for you!

Stick them in the freezer for a a bit. I actually left mine in the freezer overnight; because like a good exhausted, foggy brained mother of three I forgot I had put them in there. Needless to say the next day they were perfectly frozen, you could even see all the little ice crystals in them.

My kids loved them and ate them all!! You can do so many creative things with this!


Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading along!If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!!




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