Monster High Birthday Cupakes

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I love all the different cartoon characters available to kids these days; I mean I had some great characters growing up,  but today they just seems so much more vibrant 🙂

Which leads me to the next cupcake project I created as of late.

I just started experimenting with royal icing, truth be told what I know about it is limited to what I picked up from my Mother and what I find on the internet…..But the possibilities seem unlimited for it’s creative uses.

Hence the creative birth of these Monster High Birthday sugar toppers of this skullette to adorn the top of the cupcakes.

If you would like to make them yourself, you can find the tutoriaHERE.

Or if you would like to make a cookie version of he different character Skullettes, you can find the tutorial {HERE}

The only other toppers I made using Royal icing, where made for the Darth  cupcakes I made a few weeks back.

But I can see that as I get more familiar with this particular medium I will be using it more and more in the near future.

I made a mixture of chocolate and yellow cupcakes, all with a ring of vanilla frosting rolled in hot pink sprinkles.  Skulls with bows…who would of ever thought that would be cute!!



Hula Girl Cupcakes

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As I mentioned in my previous post, my younger daughter will be celebrating her first birthday this upcoming week. And to honor this milestone….we’re having a luau; a birthday Luau. So on my many list of things to do is a side note to come up with some sweets ideas for dessert, besides her cake.

It’s hot here in NY, so I need to keep in mind how soft, mushy and really annoying icing and frosting is to work with and keep set in the heat. So I am trying to come up with ideas of other ways to decorate.

In my travels I came across a cool picture of a silhouetted hula girl dancing herself away on top of a cupcake. ( You can see the original version here at  Hey Cupcake.)

None the less this is my first go….

Not the best picture quality, so my apologies to you, but just so you get the idea.

All in all I think cutting her out is way too much work for a lot of cupcakes, so I may try to go for something a bit simpler, like a pineapple or palm tree…or maybe even both.

So til’ I start experimenting again………


Miniature Raspberry Cupcakes

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It’s raspberry season here on the Long Island…..or more locally  in my Mother’s backyard.

I have so many fond memories of when I was a little girl,  being smack dab in the middle of a raspberry bush, munching on their sweet deliciousness.

A memory “berried” deep in my mind that brings back the laid back essence of the summer time.

The simple appeal of them made me want to recreate them….

They were super duper time consuming all those little berry parts certainly take a while.

But it’s comforting to know I can recreate them if I ever needed them in a hurry if they were out of season.


Happy Chocolate Peanut Butter Birthday

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My soon to be Sister in laws birthday was this past weekend, so I made some sweet treats in honor of her celebration!

These, well these are nothing more that a match  made in cupcake heaven, with delicious double chocolate cake and peanut butter butter-cream frosting. I adorned the top with shaved dark chocolate and a half a square of chocolate peeking out of the top! (You can find the recipe to make the Peanut Butter Frosting {HERE}

Now onto the chocolate lovers delight.

Well now, these ones appear simple, yet they are to die for if you are one of those people (me) who loves layer upon layer of chocolaty deliciousness!

Double chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting and a simple, sprinkle of pink at the birthday girls request!

They look so innocently chocolate, until you take that first bite……mmmmmmmmm chocolate!

I can’t help but admit that I love, love, love that moment when people take that first bite of my treats and then exclaim….

“Oh my God these are amazing”

Happy Happy Jan!


Miniature Sesame Street Cupcakes

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made these for my Daughter’s 2nd birthday party.

The Hubbers and I had decided on a Sesame Street theme, so naturally I HAD to make the Sesame Street characters into cupcakes.

Mini Cupcake 🙂

If you would like to make these you can check out the tutorials by following the links below…..

Since the majority of children that would be attending the birthday party  were five and under,  I choose to make them miniature cupcakes, reason being I didn’t want to be the parent that all the other parents glared at for having their child covered in colored frosting.
Because more often than not, that kid covered in frosting is er, um…mine.

I had a ball making them and all in all they were a huge success and not one was left over after the party had ended…both the parents and the kids gobbled them all up!

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, or just want to say hello, please fee free to leave a comment below!

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