Emoji Birthday Party

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I never thought the day would come where 75% of my communication would be through smiley faces and other assorted little images. Emoji’s…love them or hate them they are here for the moment, until the net big thing comes along to utterly reduce the human language back to the age of symbolic communication.

Anyhoooooo. This is a invitation I made for a “Emoji” themed birthday party. Simple easy and sweet. It created a stir of excitement in the world of soon to be seven year olds.

As my daughter and her friends declared on the  of the party. “This is EPIC!!” 

I wanted to make everything fun, but also had some time restraints so I did what I could with the time I had. 

Of course any Emoji party needs an Emoji Cake… Super easy and simple. Yellow sprinkles, red sprinkles and some brown M&M’s for the smile.

A selfie wall…

We laid out a bunch of photo props and the kids had a ball taking pictures…

There’s no party without snacks….like these EPIC poop emoji brownie bites, these were the hit of the party.

Decorations and more snacks.

And last but not least cupcakes…


Invitations were custom made by yours truly, you can see more of my work through my Etsy shop MightyDelighty. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Have a Gr8 day!

Oompa Loompa Cupcake Toppers

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Hey there strangers! Miss me??? I am hoping that by this Fall 2016, I will be up and posting a bit more on the regular. If I have not mentioned it before, which I am sure I have a million times; four kids ages 7 and under does not leave much time for anything else but chasing them and cleaning up in the wake of their messes.

With that said, 3 out of four will be in school come this fall, which means a bit more time to get back into the studio and more time available for designing. I have decided that I am going to start shipping some items, now that I have an ounce more of time, I can start to work from home again and I want to be able to offer more options. Starting with these little guys.

My Oompa Loompa Toppers.

Oompa Loompa Blue background


Starting now I will be able to ship them domestically fully assembled. In time I will offer international shipping but for now, these will only travel in the U.S.A.  

They measure out to be a tad bit smaller then 3 inches in diameter, not including the stick.


Oompa Loompa single measured blue back

These are such a great addition to any Willy Wonka themed party or event. I will slowly be adding in all of the wonderful themed items to be available assembled and shipped, but for now just these little guys will be doing the traveling.


For more info. please visit my Etsy shop HERE!!


Thanks for stopping by to visit, hope I will be seeing more of you soon!!






Ice Cream- You Scream for …..Cupcakes???

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Schools out!!!! Well preschools out over in these parts anyway. And what better way to kick off summer the with some ICE CREAM, but a less messy version. Because let’s face it, kids and ice cream are inevitable a recipe for a sticky, mess.

I use these for the end of the year ice cream parties that my daughter’s pre-school host as a thank you and see ya later, have a great summer type of treat!

I will be offering them as a free printable for a limited time only(Free until July 5th 2014.) After then they can be purchased through my Etsy shop. These are fun and a festive way to add a little something extra to a cupcake to turn them into something more!! Use them for parties holidays or any other fun inspired occasion. They print out on a standard sheet of 8-1/2×11 sheet of paper. All you need to do it print, cut and assemble using glue or tape. These should be wrapped around already baked cupcakes ūüôā Then decorate your cupcakes accordingly!!


mixed ie cream party cupcake wrappers
 They are always a big hit and can be dressed up as much as you like. For a limited time you can download the ice cream cone version here. ( If download is disabled, you can purchase through my Etsy Shop)


ICe cream cone cupcake wrappers 3

The banana split version can be downloaded from here. ( If download is disabled, you can purchase through my Etsy Shop)

Banana Split cupcake wrapper

And last but certainly not least the hot fudge version can be downloaded from here. ( If download is disabled, you can purchase through my Etsy Shop)

Hot Fudge sundae cupcake wrapper

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the wrappers! Have a sweet summer!!




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Hanukkah Inspired Cupcake Wrappers

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Brighten up your holiday celebration with these cheerful yet simple Hanukkah inspired cupcake wrappers.

These can be printed on any¬†type¬†of paper¬†measuring¬†8- 1/2×11. I typically use¬†card stock¬† because it is sturdier, but regular old printing paper can be used as well. Just cut out the wrappers and attach the ends with tape or glue of some sort overlapping the ends just a bit.

Place your cupcakes into the wrappers and transform them into a beautiful presentation!!

Click on the link/image to print out the wrapper.

Happy Hanukkah Cupcake Wrappers

Blue and Yellow Chevron Cupcake Wrappers


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Snow Man Cupcake Wrappers {{ Blue Stripe and Blue Chevron }}

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To print, please click on the link/image of the wrapper you wish to use.

Please note that the Snowman wrappers are two per page and the blue chevron and blue stripe pattern are on one page together.

 Happy Snowman Cupcake Wrappers

 Blue Chevron & Blue Stripe Cupcake Wrapper



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Pokemon Pikachu Cupcakes

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When I started doing research on Pokemon, I had no idea the amount of characters involved.

There are A LOT! So when I was brainstorming for ideas for these cupcakes, I figured Pikachu was the safest bet and the most recognizable of them all.

He seems to be the most recognizable character. In my defense, my kids are still too young to be into Pokemon and even I know who Pikachu is, so that is the character I decided to go with.

He was pretty easy to make, a simple line drawing I tweaked a bit in order to fit into the topper size I needed. If you would like to make this yourself you can print the template I used from {HERE}. If this is your first time on this site you may want to review how I make these by reading this post or this post. They both pretty much cover all the bases on how I make these type of sugar toppers.

After printing out and covering your templates, you can outline and fill in the details of Pikachu using royal icing. Letting each color fully dry before adding the next color.

I typically let the finished topper dry for a full 24 hours before I lift them off the paper, this insures that it is completely dry.

This is a different topper ūüôā


When I’m ready to put all my¬†pieces¬†together, I pipe a ring of frosting around the rim of the cupcake using a large decorating tip (#1M) and roll it in whatever type of sprinkles I am using. For this particular cupcake I used multi-colored confetti sprinkles, to give it a little extra pop of color.

Being really¬†careful¬†and very¬†gentle,¬†I place the topper on top of the frosted cupcake and give it a little turn as I push down, to help it adhere to the frosting. And viola…the finished cupcakes!!

I used both chocolate and vanilla frosting for these.

The birthday boy loved them and the parents gobbled up the leftovers, so all in all another great cupcake success!! If you have any questions or just want to  let me know you were here, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Happy Cupcaking!

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How to make Hello Kitty Cupcakes

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My¬†two year old has recently fell in love with “Hello Kitty”. If she is to spot her randomly about, a sudden squeal of high pitched enthusiasm erupts from her pint sized self, as she points and repeatably squeaks…..”Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.”

¬†Needless to say she likes Hello Kitty, and why wouldn’t she?

Her character is so simplified and charming that it is so appealing to little girls, like mine. So I thought I would surprise her by making her some cupcakes with a picture of Hello Kitty on top! They were a complete hit, she loved them!!!

For those of you that wish to make them as well, you can follow along with how I made them….

This is what you will need:

These sugar toppers were actually¬†very¬†easy to make and I made them in an afternoon; so even if you don’t have a lot of experience working with royal icing, you could still make these with no problems ūüôā
To make any of the templates I use to create these traceable sugar toppers, I use a free program from Serif called Page Plus, it’s a great little graphics program to knock around with and it’s relatively easy to use.¬† I found and downloaded a image of Hello Kitty through a Google image search, and using the Page Plus program I centered it in a circle a bit larger than 2 1/2 inches in diameter. (2.69 inched to be exact.)

If your not so graphic savvy you can print the templates from here¬† Full Head Kitty¬† and Blue Dress Kitty. I typically print out a few more than I need, this helps with practicing and for the inevitable mistakes that “I” always make.

Cover them in wax paper, and tape them to the wax paper so they will not move as you trace them.

¬†Now you can make your royal icing. For these I used a Wilton recipe, which can be found {HERE} After you have finished making your icing, it’s time to start adding some color to it! In 4-5 separate bowls mix your colors!

Black will take A LOT of gel coloring, red a little less and the blue and yellow take very little. Start small and add if you need to. If you add to much coloring just add some of the un-tinted icing back into the mix to lighten it. If you have it handy you can tint the already white royal icing with the white tint….it does make a difference.

The consistencies of the icing should be as follows:

Black: Piping consistency (Think Toothpaste)

Red: Flood Consistency (Think Honey)

Blue: Flood Consistency

Yellow: Piping Consistency

White: Flood Consistency

¬†After you’ve tinted your icing, fill your decorating bags. You can cap off the ends with a coupler and some saran wrap until you are ready to use each color.With your black icing and tip #1 start outlining Kitty’s face.
Switching to tip # 1.5 and outline the small details inside her bow. (You can use #1 tip for all of this if you choose)

Still using the black Icing, switch to a #2 tip and trace the outer circle of each topper. Take your time!

When you are done, let them dry for 30-45 minutes…The longer the better! When they are dry you can begin filling in the bows. With a #1 or a 1.5 tip on your red icing , flood the inner parts of the bows.

When all the bows are finished, switch to the blue icing (if you are doing the Kitty in the blue dress) and with a #1 or #1.5 tip fill in her dress. As soon as you fill all the dresses, switch to the white icing with a #1.5 tip and add in the polka dots while the blue is still wet, work quickly, they will meld into the blue a bit, but still remain raised

With all the little details done, you can put them aside for about 15 minutes or so before you start flooding the remainder with white. When you are ready put a #1 tip on your white and begin flooding around kitty’s face and her hands and feet (paws).

 Do the inside of her face LAST!
When you are finished filling the face, switch to the yellow and a #1 tip and pipe the nose onto Kitty’s face. Just a small squeeze, to make a small dot.
 Let the toppers dry completely, preferably overnight, before you peel them off.
This is what they will look like! Hello Kitty with her signature blue dress….
And the full sized head Hello Kitty, such a wonderful way to dress up a cupcake!
Now you are ready to put your cupcakes together! Yippee!  Fill a bowl with some multicolored confetti sprinkles and set it to the side. Fill a decorating bag with vanilla frosting (or whatever flavor you choose.) I use a #1M tip for this, but you can use whatever large tip you prefer. Start frosting a ring around the outer edge of your cupcakes. It should look like this when you are finished.
Now dip the cupcake into the confetti sprinkles and gently roll it, coating the entire edge.
Finally, place the topper on top of the cupcake and gently press down.  Try to use equal pressure so as to not to break the topper, as they are very delicate!  Voila...your finished Hello Kitty Cupcakes! Now pat yourself on the back, job well done!

These cupcakes can be stored in the fridge for a day or two without the royal icing toppers breaking down.You can also make these topper well in advance, just store them in an airtight container, until you are ready to use them.

I hope this was informative enough. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or to just let me know you were here!

Most of all though….enjoy and happy cupcaking!




Please note that this cupcake tutorial is meant only for personal and not commercial use!!

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Peanut Butter Pie (Cupcakes) for Mikey

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I came across a recipe a few weeks ago for creamy peanut butter pie.

I rarely make pies, they just aren’t my thing, but this one jumped off the page at me because it was¬†more¬†than a recipe.

You see, it was a pie for Mikey, who happened to be husband to blogger Jennie of¬†In Jennie’s Kitchen; and of whom passed away suddenly of a heart attack a few weeks back.

First off, I do not know Jennie, I never interacted with her online, and have only browsed through her blog one or two times, she is literally a stranger to me. But regardless of this, I felt her pain. I felt her loss. I felt the loneliness that had enveloped her once vibrant life at the sudden loss of her husband.

I think I felt it so much more intensely, because I realized how easily it could have been me  in the very same position as her.

For those of you who know me on a personal level, you most likely know that Tim (My hubbers) went to the hospital for chest pains last Friday. And if you know that much, then you most also likely know how they found a 99% blockage in his left coronary artery.(Also nickname the¬†“Widow Maker”) The doctors told him he was lucky he had come into the hospital and gotten checked out when he did, because he was on the very brink of a massive heart attack, one in which he wouldn’t of survived.

Back to Jennie, she asked that those who wanted to help celebrate the love and life of Mikey to simply make this pie. So I did, but of course I made it my way (Sorry Jennie!) I used the same recipe, which can be found here.

The only thing I did different was make them into little pies or cupcakes if you prefer.

By far this had to be the best tasting peanut butter pie, cake, cupcake type of treat I have ever eaten. The peanut butter filling was a perfect mixture of velvety and sweet complimented by the crunchy, buttery flavor of the chocolate crust.


I hope you try this recipe and love it!

I know Tim and I did and we also hold each other a little more as each day goes by…knowing how blessed and fortunate we are to have yet another day!



Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

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I‘ve¬†been on a flavor kick lately. Not so much with cupcakes, but with frosting.

This is strange since I typically stick to standard vanilla/chocolate, but needless to say I’m going with it for now.

Strangely enough, the flavors aren’t anything spectacular, but closer to comfort flavor from when my palette was less mature and craved things simple and sweet.

My last post was about¬†egg less chocolate chip cookie dough filling¬†and frosting and for this post well….

I felt the intense desire to create a Oreo flavored butter cream! Which is simply my concoction of a vanilla butter cream that has crushed Oreo’s folded into it. The end result being the following…

Paired with a deliciously moist double chocolate cupcake and topped with a miniature Oreo, it was simply yummiliscious!!!



Hope you enjoy!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

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I¬†love¬†raw chocolate chip cookie dough, I meant¬†who¬†doesn’t. I’ve never been

one to listen to those that tell me not to eat it uncooked because of the eggs. But when serving it to others it’s probably a good idea to not risk it and serve it up¬†without¬†the eggs!

Who knew the simple omission of eggs from a recipe could still deliver such deliciousness!! Chocolate chip cookie dough filling and¬† chocolate chip butter cream frosting….both¬†made without eggs and¬†both¬†with all the good ole’ yumminess of raw cookie dough.

For me, this frosting/filling meshes so well with a simple, vanilla cupcake. Which I find allows the sweetness of the frosting/filling to mix with the cupcake and tone itself down a bit. Because it is sweet, a tall glass of cold milk works well with washing down the delicious treat!


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