Da’ Bomb or Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Bombs

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 I NEED to share these with you now as it’s important….really important.

Chocolate brownie peanut butter BOMBS….

Now before you roll your eyes in that “Oh, just another cake ball recipe” way. Let me explain to you that cake balls these are NOT.  
These are awesome deliciousness dipped in chocolate…like a sweet nectar of yum from the Gods of dessert. Several years back, when I worked in a bagel bakery cafe in five towns there was a baker who used to come up with the best desserts. He did all the normal run of the mill stuff, but every once in a while he would bring something up front that we would all run and grab as we knocked customers to the side…seriously.
First come, first serve right!!!
His brownie bites were one of those treats! Now mind you this was years before the cake pop craze had hit, so his little bite of brownies mixed to perfection with frosting and dipped in chocolate was a new taste experience for most of us. It wasn’t til’ I had a cake pop years later that I realized he had been making the “brownie” version of them. 
I have been wanting to recreate something like it for some time now, but haven’t had the opportunity until recently. You see I had about half a batch of my incredible creamy dreamy peanut butter frosting left over from my daughter’s birthday and it seemed almost fate that it should pair itself with a lovely chocolate brownie.
It was destiny I tell you…. destiny.
Hence these brownie bombs were born. They look  similar to cake balls and if you want to call them that I won’t be mad or anything, but I am pretty positive if you make them, THEN eat one, you will be forced by some inner version of yourself to proclaim that these are not mere cake ball, but cake BOMBS.
Because they are seriously Da Bomb! 
This is what you will need to make them…….
  • A pan of prepared brownies, box mix is fine (I’ll explain a little more on this later)
  • 3-4 Tbsp Creamy Dreamy Peanut Butter Frosting 
  • Chocolate Candy melts
  • Peanut Butter (creamy)
  • Apple Sauce
  • Plastic baggie with the corner snipped.

 I used a good old box of Pillsbury Brownie mix to make these. Please don’t shudder in disgust if your a puritan and only bake from scratch, for me box mixes have the ability to make this busy Mom’s life easier.

I’m  a huge fan of Pillsbury mixes of all sorts, so that is my go to for box mixes of any kind. Prepare the brownies according to the instructions, BUT instead of using the amount of oil it calls for cut it in half and make up the difference in apple sauce. (So 1/2 applesauce and 1/2 oil.) The reasoning behind this is that if you only use oil after it’s all mixed up and you dip them they will ooze. This happens a lot with cake pops (to me anyway) if I use only oil. It doesn’t affect the flavor at all when using applesauce.
Let the brownie cool completely before you crumble them up in to a big bowl. Add in 2-3 tbsp of creamy dreamy peanut butter frosting and mix with a big spoon. Start with a small amount and add if you need more. You want the mixture to be soft and pliable to the touch after mixed and not a big bowl of mush.
The recipe I have for creamy dreamy peanut butter frosting can be found {{HERE}} I suggest that you use the half recipe, you will not use the full amount of frosting you make, so save the remainder in the freezer, use it for something else or just eat it straight from the bowl with a pink spatula…I won’t judge…promise!
After you mixed the brownies and the frosting you can roll them out immediately. I use a Tbsp. measurement and scoop out all the mixture then roll them up.
They don’t have to be perfect little rounds, unless you want them to be. ūüôā I think a little blobby and imperfect give them character and  make them more like bombs anyway!
You do not have, let me repeat that, you do not have to refrigerate these, you can begin dipping them in your candy melts immediately. Melt your candy melts in the microwave in 30 second bursts until the it begin to melt and mix, mix, mix. 
Do not overheat the candy melts or they will never thin properly, they will be done before you think they are. If you need to you can add in a tsp. or two of oil to thin it out, but if you melt it slow enough and mix it enough you shouldn’t have to even add anything. 
I had a handy dandy little candy dipper thing a ma bob, which was cheap and made cheap. Trust when I tell you a fork works just as well. Now bombs away into the candy melts…..let the excess drip away, you can shimmy the fork or candy dipper so all the extra melted chocolate falls away.
Place them on a wax paper lined cookie sheet to set.
Hold on, hold, on your not done yet. Although if you wanted to be you could be. But chances are that you have extra candy melts just sitting there begging to be utilized, well here is you chance to let them shine. Add in a tbsp. of creamy peanut butter to your leftover candy melts and stir to incorporate it into the melted chocolate. 
Now you have peanut butter flavored chocolate to drizzle on top. Pour this into a plastic baggie and snip a small piece of the corner off and go back and forth over each little bomb to give it a little something extra.
Let them set…and then arrange them all sort of cute and take pictures of them to entice people or you could just share them instead. 
Whatever you choose it’s entirely up to you!!
Full recipe/instructions can be printed from {{HERE}}
Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Chocolate Banana Bear Bites

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I have been stuck inside the house for a few days with the kids. Lots of snow and overall “not fun” slushy cold, wet weather has been happening  quite a bit lately so I am hesitant to drag three kids out of the house. With that said the kids and I have becoming more than a little stir crazy over the past few days.

I mean how many princess dress up parties, hide and seek, let’s pretend, face painting, stories and play doh can be utilized before things get….a little played out, for me anyway?

When I get in one of those it’s winter and I’m stuck in the house going crazy ruts, my mind longs to find was to express itself. Today was no exception as I was slicing bananas and getting cereal ready for the kids, my brain started piecing together the ingredients into this cutsey of a bite sized treat. I never claimed to be Georgia O’Keefe as my creativity expresses itself in “other” ways

Chocolate banana bear bites for kids

They were ridiculous easy to make as you can probably see only use a few things to make them. I’m sure if I wanted to I could make them even more elaborate and silly for the kids, but I have found simple and silly get the same surprised and thrilled reaction just to see funny little tidbits like theses whenever I included them at meal times.

This is what you will need.

  • Bananas
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Miniature Chocolate Chips or large round sprinkles
  • Cheerios or some other version of ring type of cereal.

Slice your bananas and add two cheerios to either side of the sliced banana. Add a large chocolate chip in the middle and place two miniature chocolate chips (or sprinkles) as eyes.

chocolae banana bear bites healthy treat kids

So easy and so silly, especially when you stick them on top of a stack of miniature pancakes and your kids are squealing that they have “bears” on their food ūüôā My oldest wanted to know specifically if it was “Little Bear” I told her yes, because if I didn’t it would be an hour long conversation of what bear it was, where did he live, did he have any sisters, what is his favorite color…on and on.

pancakes with mini chocolate banana bear bites

So I lied and told her yes!

Easy is the best way right  and breakfast gets eaten in a normal frame of time.

chocolate banana bear bites with pancakes

Hope you enjoy ūüôā



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Valentine’s Day Printable Candy Bar Wrappers {{FREE}}

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If your looking for a fast and easy printable Valentines day idea, this may be just for you!


These can be printed on a standard 8-1/2×11 sheet of printing paper and then cut ¬†and wrapped around the candy bar. To attach use regular tape or double sized tape. Each page has two wrappers on it.

Please click on the link to print the wrapper of your choice…..

Pink “Owl” be your Valentine Candy Bar Wrapper

Red “Owl” be your Valentine¬†Candy Bar Wrapper

Blue Gingham “Bee Mine”¬†Valentine¬†Candy Bar Wrapper

Hope you enjoy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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Easy Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cookie Pops

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I‘ve made a few versions of these cookie pops¬†before. Mainly because they are easy, (which is a favorite “thing” for me.)¬†delicious¬†and a great way to fancy up a cookie for the upcoming holiday!

This is what you will need to make them….

  • Sugar cookie dough
  • Heart shape or any Valentine’s themed cookie cutter
  • Lolly stick or skewers
  • Colored chocolate candy melts of your choice (I used red and blue)
  • Decorating bag or plastic¬†Ziploc¬†bags
  • Wax paper
  • Heart sprinkles or what ever sprinkles¬†you¬†like.
Keep in mind if you don’t have the exact decorating items on hand, use your imagination and use what you have. These can be decorated with any color of chocolate, just go with what inspires you and make you want to create ūüôā I went with the blue, because I had saw some adorable mason jar cookies over at Munchhin Munchies that were made with this color combo and I just loved it!
I went with my favorite cookie recipe in the entire history of ¬†the universe, because honestly it’s that good. It’s a chocolate cookie recipe from LilaLoa. Trust when I tell you there is a reason she calls it The End for All Chocolate Cookiesrecipe. Reason being, you’ll never have to look for another recipe as this will be your go to recipe ūüôā But if your not into making cookies go buy a tube of¬†Pillsbury¬†sugar cookie dough and go from there.

You can make these cookie just as they are or take the next step and make them into cookie pops. But if you do make them into cookie pops, do NOT ADD the sticks into the uncooked dough. WAIT a minute after they come out of the oven and slide the stick (I used skewers) into the still soft cookie dough, be mindful as they will be hot.

Leave them alone and they will set up as they cool.(Just a note, remove the stick before consuming if you use the skewers as they have a very pointy end.)

When the cookie have completely cooled, you can begin to get your¬†chocolate¬†melts ready. Now the amount of¬†chocolate¬†you need to melt depends on the¬†amount¬†of cookies you are making and the amount of drizzle you put on the cookie. If you melt it in small batches you won’t ¬†have so much¬†extra¬†unused¬†chocolate¬†left over.

Lay out your pops on a sheet of wax paper and get your sprinkles ready nearby. Lay another sheet of wax paper nearby a you will need it after you put the chocolate onto the pops.

Put your melted chocolate in a¬†decorating¬†bag or a small plastic baggie with a small¬†piece¬†of the corner cut and start going over the cookie back and forth horizontally. Don’t worry about it being super neat as the messiness of it gives it a bit of charm. Do a layer on a cookie and move on to the next then repeat. This will allow you to build a bit of dimension on the cookie without the chocolate settling into each layer.

Repeat until you get the amount of chocolate you want on the pop.

Before they set lift them off the wax paper, this will clean off the excess chocolate and clean the edged. Set them on the clean sheet of wax paper you laid out earlier.

Before the chocolate sets completely add in your Valentine’s day bling to the cookie! I made some with Pink and white sprinkles….

Some with heart¬†sprinkles¬†and silver dragees….

And some I made with the standard fare of Valentine’s red chocolate with colored hearts sprinkles….

You can make and create any color combo really, so have fun with it. Be sure to allow them set completely, you can put them in the fridge to speed up the process.

Add paper straws or ribbons to pretty them up! Whoever gets one on V-day will thank you!!

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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Easy & Quick Chocolate Cookies

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Some days I need a cookie fix quick….I mean really quick.

Enter a super quick & easy chocolate cookie recipe, that is so simple you will doubt that it is really as good as I tell you…

This is what you will need……..

  • 1 box chocolate cake mix (or whatever flavor you choose)
  • 1 stick of butter softened (1/2 ¬†cup)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tbsp. oil
  • 1/2 tbsp Vanilla extract
  • You can also add in chocolate chips if you like, but it’s your choice.

Add all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix it up. It will be thick and gooey mess and you will most likely feel as though you have done something wrong…..you haven’t. Get you cookie sheets ready and start scooping your mixture onto the sheets. I use a tsp. measurement for small cookies and a tbsp measurement for larger cookies.

Bake at 350 for 8-9 minutes. When you take them out of the oven, they will look undone, but they aren’t ūüôā Let them sit and cool after baking, they will set up nicely if they have a chance to cool.¬† You can eat them as is¬†OR¬†you can make them spectacular with a bit of fabulous vanilla frosting.

When I write fabulous I mean…lick¬†the bowl clean, fantabulous vanilla frosting.


 This is what you will need:

  • ¬†1/2 Stick butter softened (1/4 cup)
  • 2 oz. Cream Cheese
  • 1¬† tbsp Vanilla extract
  • 2 Tbsp. Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1 1/2 -2¬† Cups Confectioners Sugar (Powdered Sugar)

(You can double the recipe for more frosting)

Cream together the butter, cream cheese and vanilla. Add in the condensed milk and slowly add in the confectioners sugar until it is all creamy and delicious.

Simple enough.

Take a cookie and spread on the frosting; as thick or thin a layer as you like and sandwich another cookie on top. Since it’s the Halloween season I added in a touch of orange food gel to the frosting and tossed a few orange sprinkles on them.

Not too chewy, not too soft, but a texture somewhere in between that compliments the velvety, sweetness of the vanilla frosting. ¬†If you feel like a bright burst of Halloween color….roll the edges in orange sprinkles.

I personally love, love, LOVE sprinkles. I know there is not much to them taste wise, but I still like them!

Let them set up in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes before scarfing them down with a tall, cool glass of milk!  Hope you enjoy these as much as my hubbers and kiddoddles did !

If you have any questions or just want to say hello to let me know you were here, please feel free to leave a comment below!!




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