Emoji Birthday Party

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I never thought the day would come where 75% of my communication would be through smiley faces and other assorted little images. Emoji’s…love them or hate them they are here for the moment, until the net big thing comes along to utterly reduce the human language back to the age of symbolic communication.

Anyhoooooo. This is a invitation I made for a “Emoji” themed birthday party. Simple easy and sweet. It created a stir of excitement in the world of soon to be seven year olds.

As my daughter and her friends declared on the  of the party. “This is EPIC!!” 

I wanted to make everything fun, but also had some time restraints so I did what I could with the time I had. 

Of course any Emoji party needs an Emoji Cake… Super easy and simple. Yellow sprinkles, red sprinkles and some brown M&M’s for the smile.

A selfie wall…

We laid out a bunch of photo props and the kids had a ball taking pictures…

There’s no party without snacks….like these EPIC poop emoji brownie bites, these were the hit of the party.

Decorations and more snacks.

And last but not least cupcakes…


Invitations were custom made by yours truly, you can see more of my work through my Etsy shop MightyDelighty. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Have a Gr8 day!

WWE John Cena Championship Belt Cake

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This past weekend not only did we celebrate Labor Day,  but for my family we also celebrated Tim’s cousin turning 21 with a surprise birthday party.

I was asked to make him a cake, but not just any cake, a WWE John Cena Championship wrestling belt cake.

Now, I am always up for a creative challenge, but I think I better do some research before agreeing to certain designs in the future.

The image I had in my head, certainly was not as intricate as the actual belt itself, so I had to pull on my big girl creative pants to pull this one off….

I still don’t really know how I did it.

I made a chocolate cake and covered it in tinted black chocolate butter cream.

For the middle belt part, I used a mix of fondant painted gold and silver, butter cream tinted yellow, red,  gray and pure white. I also used yellow sanding sugar, and gold/silver tinted piping gel to add in a bit of shimmer and definition to the whole of it all. I also used those little round decorating balls as accents as well. Think gaudy diamonds…lol!

 I sometime wish I had more time to dedicate to a cake like this, because now that it’s done, I would do it so differently the next time. The one thing a cake like this teaches you, is how to do it better and more efficiently the next time. It definitely was a hit and the birthday boy loved it…”Happy Happy Billy!”



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