This is a list of the free printables that I offer at this time.  Some are for sale and others are free for personal use. This page will be updated periodically. If you feel the need to share these freebies on your own site, please be courteous and link back to the page or post not the image.

Some printables can be customized and personalized for purchase as a digital file. Please contact me for more information, if you are interested.

**I’m currently updating this page, so some links are  no longer available, my apologies. . If there is something specific you need/want  message me or leave a comment and I will do my best to assist you!

Character Cupcake Wrappers

Monster High Cupcake Wrappers Argyle—-No Longer Available
Monster High Cupcake Wrappers White No Longer Available
Monster High Cupcake Wrapper Black  No Longer Available
Snow White Cupcake Wrappers (updated SW)

Holiday/Season Cupcake Wrappers
*Halloween Ghost Wrapper
*Halloween Bat Wrapper
*Halloween Pumpkin Wrapper
Rudolph the red Nose Reindeer Wrappers
Happy Snow Man Wrappers
Happy Hanukkah Wrappers
Love Muffin Wrappers
Peas be Mine Valentines Day Topper
St. Patrick’s Day Wrappers
Easter Bunny Cupcake Wrappers
**Happy Fathers Day Wrappers

Pattern Wrappers
Blue Stripe/Chevron Wrappers
Red Stripe/Chevron Wrappers
Green Strip/Chevron Wrappers
Blue/Light Blue & Yellow /Light Yellow Chevron Wrappers


Monster High Draculaura Invite  No Longer Available
Snow White Invite
New Snow White Invite
**Halloween Invitations


Candy Bar Wrappers
Mini Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers
Mini Valentine’s Day Candy Bar Wrappers
Owl be your Valentine Large Candy Bar Wrapper
Bee Mine Valentines Day Candy Bar Wrapper
**Mini Monster High Candy Bar Wrappers No Longer Available
**Christening Boy
**Christening Girl
Snow White Bunting (updated SW)
**Father’s Day Bunting No Longer Available
**Happy Halloween

**Snow White Mailing Label
*Snow White Happy Birthday (Avery 5160)-Older SW version
*Snow White Happy Birthday Label (Avery 5163)-Older SW Version
*Small Monster High Happy Birthday(Avery 5160) No Longer Available
*Large Monster High Happy Birthday(Avery 5163)No Longer Available
Back to School assorted Labels
First Day of School Printables
Last Day of School Printables 

Back to School Labels Pink small ( Avery 5160)
Back to school Labels Black small ( Avery 5160)
Back to School Labels Pink large (Avery 5163)
Back to school Labels Black (Avery 5163)
This Belongs to bunting Label small (Avery 5160)
This belongs to bunting Label Large (Avery 5163)



Drink Labels
*Monster High Happy Birthday Water Bottle Labels 2×8  No Longer Available
Snow White Happy Birthday Water Bottle Labels (updated SW)
*Halloween Drink Labels

Cupcake Toppers
*Halloween Cupcake Toppers
*Happy Father’s Day Cupcake Wrappers

Favor Tags
Valentine’s Day Color of my Rainbow
Leprechaun Gold St.Patrick’s Day
**Mummy Poop Halloween
**Ghost Poop Halloween

Printed Signs
**First Day of School Signs Preschool  through Sixth grade
**Happy Fathers Day  No Longer Available
If you have any problems setting anything up, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you out!



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  3. Just wanted to say thank you for all the awesome free printables on your site. I love all your cute ideas. With money sooooo tight in my household its so nice to know that I can throw a decent party for my daughter. Thank you and God bless you, and your journey of motherhood too!!

  4. Thank you so much for these printables!! With me not working right now, and my daughter deserving a great party this year (since she was sick last year). You have saved the day for me!! Thanks for your ideas and generosity for sharing!!

  5. hi megan. Have you ever created labels for makeup containers? I bought these tiny tins for the girls at my daughters birthday to make lipgloss. making the lipgloss will probably take 2 minutes. I thought of having them decorate the container with a label (monster high) or something. Any ideas?

    • Hi Lisa…no I have not. But I do create and sell custom created designs. So if you are interested, please contact me for more information


  6. hello, i am after anything monster high for my daughters birthday party. In particular the water bottle and other lables. i cant seem to find the correct link to print them?

  7. hi i am looking for a printable of the doll body from monster high we want to cut waist up and add a pick and make the dress part a cupcake then just stick the body and head on 🙂
    any ideas for a template?

    • Hi Lisa… Sorry but I do not have that. You may want to do a quick google image search. You may find what you need that way, good luck.

  8. Your stuff is great!!!! It’s helping not only with my daughter’s party, but also with other parties that I may have in my classroom!! Thanks so much, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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    • I don’t know what your original comment was. Please let me know when and where you left it and I can then remove it. thanks

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