Darth Cupcakes

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Star Wars is sort of a big deal in my house.

Well, I believe it’s a big deal in a lot of people homes, almost everyone I know can identify with one character or another on some level. I tend to go for the Hans Solo type..outsider, rule breaker, the one that doesn’t so what has everyone else says her must….and he still succeeds.

But I digress, a friend had asked me to make these for her nephew, who happens to be a big, big, BIG fan of Star Wars and a bigger an of Darth Vader.

I can never turn down a kid with a love of Star Wars, so I created these Cupcakes for his birthday…

They were super difficult to do, in that he is ummmmm, all black. So at the very least it was a challenge of sorts to figure out how to make an accurate representation of him, in other shades besides black.

It’s a standard yellow cupcake with dark chocolate frosting, dusted in black sanding sugar….Think deep dark space, stars, warp speed, battles between good and evil 🙂

On the top of each cupcake is a sugar topper that I made using royal icing.

I think overall they came out pretty good, given more time I believe I could have made them even better…but I’m sure I’ll get another shot at them, being that my own nephew is a HUGE fan as well!

So who is YOUR favorite character…please feel free to share!!

And may the force be with you on this hot summer Sunday!!!

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