Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

love raw chocolate chip cookie dough, I meant who doesn’t. I’ve never been

one to listen to those that tell me not to eat it uncooked because of the eggs. But when serving it to others it’s probably a good idea to not risk it and serve it up without the eggs!

Who knew the simple omission of eggs from a recipe could still deliver such deliciousness!! Chocolate chip cookie dough filling and  chocolate chip butter cream frosting….both made without eggs and both with all the good ole’ yumminess of raw cookie dough.

For me, this frosting/filling meshes so well with a simple, vanilla cupcake. Which I find allows the sweetness of the frosting/filling to mix with the cupcake and tone itself down a bit. Because it is sweet, a tall glass of cold milk works well with washing down the delicious treat!


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