Chocolate Banana Bear Bites

I have been stuck inside the house for a few days with the kids. Lots of snow and overall “not fun” slushy cold, wet weather has been happening  quite a bit lately so I am hesitant to drag three kids out of the house. With that said the kids and I have becoming more than a little stir crazy over the past few days.

I mean how many princess dress up parties, hide and seek, let’s pretend, face painting, stories and play doh can be utilized before things get….a little played out, for me anyway?

When I get in one of those it’s winter and I’m stuck in the house going crazy ruts, my mind longs to find was to express itself. Today was no exception as I was slicing bananas and getting cereal ready for the kids, my brain started piecing together the ingredients into this cutsey of a bite sized treat. I never claimed to be Georgia O’Keefe as my creativity expresses itself in “other” ways

Chocolate banana bear bites for kids

They were ridiculous easy to make as you can probably see only use a few things to make them. I’m sure if I wanted to I could make them even more elaborate and silly for the kids, but I have found simple and silly get the same surprised and thrilled reaction just to see funny little tidbits like theses whenever I included them at meal times.

This is what you will need.

  • Bananas
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Miniature Chocolate Chips or large round sprinkles
  • Cheerios or some other version of ring type of cereal.

Slice your bananas and add two cheerios to either side of the sliced banana. Add a large chocolate chip in the middle and place two miniature chocolate chips (or sprinkles) as eyes.

chocolae banana bear bites healthy treat kids

So easy and so silly, especially when you stick them on top of a stack of miniature pancakes and your kids are squealing that they have “bears” on their food 🙂 My oldest wanted to know specifically if it was “Little Bear” I told her yes, because if I didn’t it would be an hour long conversation of what bear it was, where did he live, did he have any sisters, what is his favorite color…on and on.

pancakes with mini chocolate banana bear bites

So I lied and told her yes!

Easy is the best way right  and breakfast gets eaten in a normal frame of time.

chocolate banana bear bites with pancakes

Hope you enjoy 🙂



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