Emoji Birthday Party

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I never thought the day would come where 75% of my communication would be through smiley faces and other assorted little images. Emoji’s…love them or hate them they are here for the moment, until the net big thing comes along to utterly reduce the human language back to the age of symbolic communication.

Anyhoooooo. This is a invitation I made for a “Emoji” themed birthday party. Simple easy and sweet. It created a stir of excitement in the world of soon to be seven year olds.

As my daughter and her friends declared on the  of the party. “This is EPIC!!” 

I wanted to make everything fun, but also had some time restraints so I did what I could with the time I had. 

Of course any Emoji party needs an Emoji Cake… Super easy and simple. Yellow sprinkles, red sprinkles and some brown M&M’s for the smile.

A selfie wall…

We laid out a bunch of photo props and the kids had a ball taking pictures…

There’s no party without snacks….like these EPIC poop emoji brownie bites, these were the hit of the party.

Decorations and more snacks.

And last but not least cupcakes…


Invitations were custom made by yours truly, you can see more of my work through my Etsy shop MightyDelighty. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Have a Gr8 day!

Oompa Loompa Cupcake Toppers

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Hey there strangers! Miss me??? I am hoping that by this Fall 2016, I will be up and posting a bit more on the regular. If I have not mentioned it before, which I am sure I have a million times; four kids ages 7 and under does not leave much time for anything else but chasing them and cleaning up in the wake of their messes.

With that said, 3 out of four will be in school come this fall, which means a bit more time to get back into the studio and more time available for designing. I have decided that I am going to start shipping some items, now that I have an ounce more of time, I can start to work from home again and I want to be able to offer more options. Starting with these little guys.

My Oompa Loompa Toppers.

Oompa Loompa Blue background


Starting now I will be able to ship them domestically fully assembled. In time I will offer international shipping but for now, these will only travel in the U.S.A.  

They measure out to be a tad bit smaller then 3 inches in diameter, not including the stick.


Oompa Loompa single measured blue back

These are such a great addition to any Willy Wonka themed party or event. I will slowly be adding in all of the wonderful themed items to be available assembled and shipped, but for now just these little guys will be doing the traveling.


For more info. please visit my Etsy shop HERE!!


Thanks for stopping by to visit, hope I will be seeing more of you soon!!






Ice Cream Party Assorted Cupcake Wrappers

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If you are planning on having an Ice cream theme party these fun and festive cupcake wrappers are sure to liven up your cupcakes! They print out on a standard sheet  8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. You can use regular printing paper or a sturdier card stock. The choice is yours. They ca n even be printed through a local printing service such as Fe Ex Office.

Follow link to purchase and print wrappers..

Available  in my Etsy shop Ice cream cone wrappers.

Available through my Etsy Shop Hot Fudge Sundae Wrappers

Available through my Etsy Shop Banana Split Sundae Wrappers

After you print them all you would need to do is cut them out and attache the ends using glue, tape or whatever you want.

These cupcake wrappers are available for a  combo deal a as an instant download through my Etsy Shop


Hope you enjoy!



Lets connect!!!

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Leprechaun Cupcake Wrappers for St. Patrick’s Day

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If you are looking for a fun treat idea for St. Patrick’s Day, then these easy cupcake wrappers are a perfect way to add a little Irish luck and charm to your celebration.

The wrappers are two per each sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. They can be printed on standard printing paper or a sturdier card stock paper if you choose. All you need to do is print them, cut them out and adhere the ends using tape or glue. Insert cupcake and be the St. Patrick’s day cupcake hero you always dreamed of being.

Leprechaun Cupcake Wrappers


Green Stripe and Chevron Wrappers

Hope you enjoy! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!



Cute Spider Cupcakes with Bows

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I had so many plans for making Halloween sweets this year. My mind has been overflowing with ideas since late August, of all the wonderful treats I was going to create this year.

Now it’s almost Halloween and the only things I have posted have been about Ghost PoopMiniature Ghost High Hat Cupcakes and my failed version of getting a pumpkin image into the middle of a cupcake. So out of all the ideas I had planned and the 31 days of October I made three.

Three….1…2…3….that’s it.

I forget that with two crazy children underfoot that finding the time to actually create some of the ideas that swim about my mind is at times next to impossible. Any spare time I have is often used up by doing house work and side work.

So in reality the fact that I even had a moment to make three is pretty awesome. And on top of that awesome three I made, I recently made a 4th, go me!

My two year old attends gymnastics class twice a week, since she does not have class on Halloween, they were celebrating it by having a  party this week.

The parents were offered the chance to bring in sweets for their party, I opted to make something, since well, that’s what I do.


I made miniature spider cupcakes, and for the girls, some of them had big over sized bows.

They were really simple and easy to make and took no time at all.

This is what you will need:

  • Miniature cupcakes
  • Black Licorice string
  • White candies for the eyes (I used sixlets)
  • Black food marker
  • Fondant
  •  Butter Cream Frosting
  • Gel food coloring

Cut the licorice into strips and insert into the sides of the cupcake, they can be as long or as short as you prefer.  With your food marker draw in eyes onto the white candies and attach to the cupcake with a dab of butter cream. You could also pipe two eyes onto the cupcake and put chocolate chips into them if, you don’t have candies. Use what you have on hand and what works for you.

 I made the mouth by tinting a small amount of fondant yellow and rolling it into a thin strip which I then shaped into a smiling mouth. Once again you don’t have to use fondant, you could use butter cream to pipe the mouth or what ever else you choose.

I was going to make fangs and incorporate a lot of blood. But since they were for two and three year old children, I thought  it best to stick with  “cute” spider as opposed to scary bloodthirsty ones.

Note: It’s never a good thing to scare other peoples children, unless of course specifically asked to do so by the parents 🙂

For the bow I simply tinted fondant with orange gel food coloring. I cut it into thin strips and folded it back onto itself to make a bow. To finish them I wrapped a smaller piece of fondant around the middle part.

From the Ohhhh’s and Ahhhhh’s that sounded when these cute little buggers were given to the kids, I’m figuring they were a hit!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to say Hello or just let me know you were here by leaving a comment below!




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Pokemon Pikachu Cupcakes

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When I started doing research on Pokemon, I had no idea the amount of characters involved.

There are A LOT! So when I was brainstorming for ideas for these cupcakes, I figured Pikachu was the safest bet and the most recognizable of them all.

He seems to be the most recognizable character. In my defense, my kids are still too young to be into Pokemon and even I know who Pikachu is, so that is the character I decided to go with.

He was pretty easy to make, a simple line drawing I tweaked a bit in order to fit into the topper size I needed. If you would like to make this yourself you can print the template I used from {HERE}. If this is your first time on this site you may want to review how I make these by reading this post or this post. They both pretty much cover all the bases on how I make these type of sugar toppers.

After printing out and covering your templates, you can outline and fill in the details of Pikachu using royal icing. Letting each color fully dry before adding the next color.

I typically let the finished topper dry for a full 24 hours before I lift them off the paper, this insures that it is completely dry.

This is a different topper 🙂


When I’m ready to put all my pieces together, I pipe a ring of frosting around the rim of the cupcake using a large decorating tip (#1M) and roll it in whatever type of sprinkles I am using. For this particular cupcake I used multi-colored confetti sprinkles, to give it a little extra pop of color.

Being really careful and very gentle, I place the topper on top of the frosted cupcake and give it a little turn as I push down, to help it adhere to the frosting. And viola…the finished cupcakes!!

I used both chocolate and vanilla frosting for these.

The birthday boy loved them and the parents gobbled up the leftovers, so all in all another great cupcake success!! If you have any questions or just want to  let me know you were here, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Happy Cupcaking!

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Pumpkin Image in Cupcake

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I‘m the first to admit that sometimes an “AwEsOmE” idea I may come up with, is nothing more than a bad idea that took on a life of it’s own. The idea itself is one that thrives in Morgan land (that place deep in the gray folds of my mind that is filled with rainbows, butterflies and sweet little babies that actually sleep through the night)  but in the real world…..

Not so much.

So as much as I love to share my sweets and treats with you all, it’s important for me to also share my not so sweet treats, this one was as I see it was an epic fail 🙂 Now, first off, this is not an original idea, I have seen beautiful versions this done with hearts, polka dots, etc. all across the internet, and who knows maybe someone came up with a successful version of this one…..but it wasn’t me, not this time.


But if you would like to take a shot in the dark and try it yourself, this is how I made these little suckers!

I took a regular box cake mix (Yellow) and divided the mixture.


In one bowl I added orange food gel coloring and in the other I added in cocoa and black gel food coloring. I used the cocoa so I wouldn’t have to use a lot of the black food coloring, since it has a bitter taste in large amounts.


I filled two plastic bags with the colored cake mix…I do this because I find that it is just is easier to put into the molds and cupcake liners.


I filled this nifty little silicon pumpkin mold from Wilton with the batter and baked them up. I also filled them WAY too much, they should have been filled only 1/2 way. I just cut the top part off after they had baked and cooled to get them to look flattened.


With the remainder of my batter, I filled the cupcake liners a LITTLE bit, just enough to plop the pumpkins in.  When they were all in place I then filled in around them, covering them up. When they finished baking, you would have no idea of the little pumpkin hiding inside.


Cut them in half though and this is what you get!


Now like I mentioned earlier this is a great idea in my head, but in reality there are a few problems……

  •  Since the pumpkins are not three dimensional, you have to cut the cupcake exactly in half to actually see it.
  • In order to see it you also have to cut the cupcake correctly.

I think the two above are enough to make my point….fail on my part.


Just something I’ll have to work on…hope you enjoyed anyway!



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Tangled Inspired Rapunzel Cupcake Stand

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This is by far the most fun I have ever had making and creating a cupcake tower.

This Tangled inspired Rapunzel tower is all edible (minus the foam base) composed of Rice Krispie treats and tinted fondant!

 For those of you that would like to make this yourself, which I KNOW you totally can, the following  is an abridged version on how to make this. If you need any help or have questions, you can email me also.

To make Rapunzel’s tower I first made a batch of rice krispie treats, molded them into the shapes I would need and let them dry out a bit in order to hold there shape.

If you are unfamiliar with how to do that you can find information to make them {{HERE}}

This is what you will need….

  • Marshmallows
  • Rice Krispies
  • Fondant
  • Gel Food Color  (Green, Yellow, Black Violet, Blue, Peach, Brown)
  • Dowels
  • Pretty Ribbon to wrap base, I used a green gingham
  • 6′ Inch Foam Round(For the base)
Jut a little reminder, you do not have to recreate this exactly the way I did. Take some liberty to make it work for you with where you are at in your skill level and with what you have available to you in order to make it.

These are all separate shapes I made using everyday kitchen stuff to mold them. The bottom part of the tower was molded using a very large narrow drinking cup. The bottom portion was made using a cylindrical plastic holder I had. This is the naked tower, before all the fun began! I inserted a wooden dowel through the whole of the tower to help it stay stable,once it was placed on top of the cupcake stand.

To cover each piece, I first crumb coated it in butter cream frosting, rolled out my white fondant and carefully covered each piece. Since it is supposed to have a grainy, stone look, I didn’t smooth it out a great deal. I also made  hole through the middle of it, so that all pieces would align on the dowel.

For the bottom part of the tower I wrapped  half of it in a gray fondant (white tinted with black gel food coloring) since this is where the stones would go, and I didn’t want the white to peak through. To make the stones, I simply made two shades of gray fondant, rolled them into imperfect ball or varying sizes and squooshed each one flat. To attach I used a dab of corn syrup.

When this was finished I added on the middle part that Rapunzel’s tower rests on. With brown tinted fondant I simply cut out strips and rolled them up and attached them to the tower. I did basically the same thing for the tower portion, except they were straight strips and the rolled ones around Rapunzel’s window were just larger rolled fondant strips.

For the roof I use a sugar cone I coated in white chocolate and wrapped a piece of blue fondant  I rolled out . Then with a purple and blue tinted fondant I cut haphazard square tiles to build the roof tower.

I used mostly purple fondant, but randomly placed a blue tile every here and there to break it up a bit.

Since I have never made any type of fondant figures, I was terrified of making Rapunzel’s face. I was going to chicken out and just have her hair be shown, but took a chance and was surprised that I did so well. To make her face, all I did was roll out a ball and pinch it on top, rolled a really, really small ball for her nose and attached two pieces of black fondant for her eyes.

For her arms, I just rolled out a longer piece of fondant and shaped it to appear as though she was leaning on the ledge of her tower window. Her hair is simply, yellow fondant, rolled really thin and draped down the tower.

On the very bottom of the tower is a round piece of foam I covered in green fondant. I used it just to keep it all together. I placed a few rolled fondant rocks around the bottom of the tower and finished the whole thing off with a green gingham ribbon and purple fondant flowers.

Lastly, since this was a cupcake stand, I added in the cupcakes 🙂 Chocolate and vanilla flavored with vanilla butter cream frosting, adorned with purple fondant flowers!

This was the first of what I hope to be many inspired cupcake stands!!!

Hope you enjoyed this!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!

White Chocolate “Ghost” Hi-Hat Cupcakes

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It’s October, which means Halloween is right around the corner and with that comes so much FUN making goodies, goodies and more goodies! In honor of this spooky, yet spectacular time of year I made these for my hubbers and the kiddoddles

Miniature white chocolate hi-hat cupcakes, disguised as ghosts……because let’s face it miniature anything is just more fun!

I made miniature hi hat cupcakes about a month ago and have wanted to try them with a white chocolate shell ever since!

The whole ghost idea, just came about because of the Halloween season!

To make them I started with miniature cupcakes!

After they cooled completely I added the mounds of filling!

I actually made two batches of filling. The first (shown) are from the book Cupcakes! by Elenor Klivas. I also made another batch of filling using this recipe from King Arthur Flour. 

Let me tell you that the filling’s are very different, texture wise.

The marshmallow filling from the Elenor Klivas recipe is more dense with a marshmallow feel, where as the filling from the King Arthur recipe is much lighter, less sweet, but none the less delicious, it piled up higher, but was more delicate that the other filling. My hubby said they tasted like the “Chocolate Bells’ he used to eat as a kid when he would go to Brooklyn.

After the filling has set in the freezer for a bit, I simply dipped them into melted white chocolate.

And after that set I painted on the mouth and eyes!

Either way you choose to make them they are always a hit! You could ask my kiddoddles, they can vouch for them.

Hope you try these out, they always have such a “Wow” factor and are so much fun to eat!


How to Make Cookie Monster Cupcakes

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This is a step by step “how to” on  how I  made these adorable miniature Cookie Monster cupcakes

for my daughter’s second birthday.They were a hit and super easy to make!

This is what you will need:

  • Miniature cupcakes (Try and match the wrapper color  to the character.)
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Miniature chocolate chip cookies
  • Miniature chocolate chips
  • 2 Decorating bags
  • 2 Couplers
  • Decorating Tip #233 & # 12
  • Blue gel food coloring

All supplies needed to make these Cookie Monster cupcakes can be purchased {HERE}


Before you begin frosting your cupcakes, first you have to make a cut out of his mouth, this is where the cookie will go when you are done frosting him. With a small knife cut out a semi circle, just a little bit bigger than the miniature chocolate chip cookie.

You can test if it is big enough, by putting the cookie in the opening, if it stays put, the opening is large enough. If it feels like it may fall out, cut a little bit more out until it’s a snug fit.

You can either use store bought vanilla frosting or make your own vanilla butter cream frosting. Recipe to make your own can be found {HERE}.  Section your vanilla frosting into two separate bowls in order to tint  the frosting. Add the blue coloring a little at a time, until you have reached the color of cookie monster’s Fur. You can leave the last part plain white, since this will be used for his eyes.

Fill you decorating bags and get all your tips ready to decorate!

With tip #233 on the blue frosting, begin piping the frosting around the outer edge of the cupcake. Continue around and in until all but the mouth is covered. You can add more frosting if you want to build up his fur in certain areas, or to give him more of a shape.

Now you are ready to add his eyes. With a #12 tip on your white frosting, pip two eyes right above his mouth. Add the miniature chocolate chips to each eye and you are finished! Easy enough right!

And there you have it..now just join him with the rest of his buddies and you have created the hit of the party!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions or just want to say hello to let me know you were here, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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