Little Girl Cake Topper

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had made a friend of mine some chocolate filled cookies about a week ago in celebration

of her 4 year anniversary in our fellowship. I told her she had two options, she could share them with everyone…or hoard them all to herself. She choose to eat them all herself….smart girl!

She ended up loving the cookies and in turn asked if I would make a cake for her niece this past weekend in celebration of her third birthday. Her only requests were pink, blue, purple and the number three with Happy Birthday Madelyn. Basically she gave me an empty canvas to work on…..which I love!!!

So this is what I came up with….


From the feedback  received from the Tangled Inspired Rapunzel Tower I did a few weeks back, I have learned that kids, as well as adults are very intrigued by fondant…simply because you can eat it and it tastes good. So I wanted to include that element with the cake.

It was a small cake, an 8 inch round, but because I wanted to include all the colors the birthday girl wanted, I decided to torte the layers and tint the vanilla flavored frosting I filled it with, blue, purple and pink. I don’t have any pictures of the cut layers…sorry 🙁

This is a view of the fondant figure from the back.


I hate writing on cakes, I get all OCD and it just never seems even to me, so I try to avoid it when ever possible. Instead I used fondant letter cutters I had to make the Happy Birthday! From the messages I received after the party, it seems I made yet another hit of a cake!!

Happy Birthday Madelyn!


Tangled Inspired Rapunzel Cupcake Stand

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This is by far the most fun I have ever had making and creating a cupcake tower.

This Tangled inspired Rapunzel tower is all edible (minus the foam base) composed of Rice Krispie treats and tinted fondant!

 For those of you that would like to make this yourself, which I KNOW you totally can, the following  is an abridged version on how to make this. If you need any help or have questions, you can email me also.

To make Rapunzel’s tower I first made a batch of rice krispie treats, molded them into the shapes I would need and let them dry out a bit in order to hold there shape.

If you are unfamiliar with how to do that you can find information to make them {{HERE}}

This is what you will need….

  • Marshmallows
  • Rice Krispies
  • Fondant
  • Gel Food Color  (Green, Yellow, Black Violet, Blue, Peach, Brown)
  • Dowels
  • Pretty Ribbon to wrap base, I used a green gingham
  • 6′ Inch Foam Round(For the base)
Jut a little reminder, you do not have to recreate this exactly the way I did. Take some liberty to make it work for you with where you are at in your skill level and with what you have available to you in order to make it.

These are all separate shapes I made using everyday kitchen stuff to mold them. The bottom part of the tower was molded using a very large narrow drinking cup. The bottom portion was made using a cylindrical plastic holder I had. This is the naked tower, before all the fun began! I inserted a wooden dowel through the whole of the tower to help it stay stable,once it was placed on top of the cupcake stand.

To cover each piece, I first crumb coated it in butter cream frosting, rolled out my white fondant and carefully covered each piece. Since it is supposed to have a grainy, stone look, I didn’t smooth it out a great deal. I also made  hole through the middle of it, so that all pieces would align on the dowel.

For the bottom part of the tower I wrapped  half of it in a gray fondant (white tinted with black gel food coloring) since this is where the stones would go, and I didn’t want the white to peak through. To make the stones, I simply made two shades of gray fondant, rolled them into imperfect ball or varying sizes and squooshed each one flat. To attach I used a dab of corn syrup.

When this was finished I added on the middle part that Rapunzel’s tower rests on. With brown tinted fondant I simply cut out strips and rolled them up and attached them to the tower. I did basically the same thing for the tower portion, except they were straight strips and the rolled ones around Rapunzel’s window were just larger rolled fondant strips.

For the roof I use a sugar cone I coated in white chocolate and wrapped a piece of blue fondant  I rolled out . Then with a purple and blue tinted fondant I cut haphazard square tiles to build the roof tower.

I used mostly purple fondant, but randomly placed a blue tile every here and there to break it up a bit.

Since I have never made any type of fondant figures, I was terrified of making Rapunzel’s face. I was going to chicken out and just have her hair be shown, but took a chance and was surprised that I did so well. To make her face, all I did was roll out a ball and pinch it on top, rolled a really, really small ball for her nose and attached two pieces of black fondant for her eyes.

For her arms, I just rolled out a longer piece of fondant and shaped it to appear as though she was leaning on the ledge of her tower window. Her hair is simply, yellow fondant, rolled really thin and draped down the tower.

On the very bottom of the tower is a round piece of foam I covered in green fondant. I used it just to keep it all together. I placed a few rolled fondant rocks around the bottom of the tower and finished the whole thing off with a green gingham ribbon and purple fondant flowers.

Lastly, since this was a cupcake stand, I added in the cupcakes 🙂 Chocolate and vanilla flavored with vanilla butter cream frosting, adorned with purple fondant flowers!

This was the first of what I hope to be many inspired cupcake stands!!!

Hope you enjoyed this!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!

WWE John Cena Championship Belt Cake

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This past weekend not only did we celebrate Labor Day,  but for my family we also celebrated Tim’s cousin turning 21 with a surprise birthday party.

I was asked to make him a cake, but not just any cake, a WWE John Cena Championship wrestling belt cake.

Now, I am always up for a creative challenge, but I think I better do some research before agreeing to certain designs in the future.

The image I had in my head, certainly was not as intricate as the actual belt itself, so I had to pull on my big girl creative pants to pull this one off….

I still don’t really know how I did it.

I made a chocolate cake and covered it in tinted black chocolate butter cream.

For the middle belt part, I used a mix of fondant painted gold and silver, butter cream tinted yellow, red,  gray and pure white. I also used yellow sanding sugar, and gold/silver tinted piping gel to add in a bit of shimmer and definition to the whole of it all. I also used those little round decorating balls as accents as well. Think gaudy diamonds…lol!

 I sometime wish I had more time to dedicate to a cake like this, because now that it’s done, I would do it so differently the next time. The one thing a cake like this teaches you, is how to do it better and more efficiently the next time. It definitely was a hit and the birthday boy loved it…”Happy Happy Billy!”



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Beach Theme Cake

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It was very busy over here at Mighty Delighty the past few days, so I  have a few different projects to post about this upcoming week. First was a cake I made for a friend. Now my disclaimer is that cakes are not my specialty and I prefer decorating cupcakes, but if asked nicely I will do one from time to time.

In their defense, cakes do offer a larger canvas of space to create cool and creative images on, but also take me a lot of time to decorate.

The idea for this cake was based on a beach theme, I wasn’t to into the idea of the typical seashells and such and wanted to incorporate a bit of my own flair to the cake and this is what I came up with….

I used a a few different star tips to outline and fill in all the different aspects of the picture….simple but effective. This method always feels so old school to me and reminds me of the cakes my Mom would make for me when I was a kid.

All together I used 13 different shades of frosting, I left the sides plain white and just pipped a quick border along the top and bottom of the cake to break it up and to finish the edges a bit.

The surfboards allowed me to personalize the cake a bit for the recipients, the different numbers representing the ages of the three celebrants. I did not write “Happy Birthday” on the cake, because in all honestly I stink with writing on cakes, so I made a coordinating color topper out of craft paper; which of course there is no picture of.

Hope you enjoy!

Hula Girl Cake

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My youngest daughter celebrated her first birthday this weekend! I cannot believe that an entire year has already passed, where has my little babes gone???

I was going to make an assortment of  hula girl cupcakes and was tossing around a few ideas with pineapples and palm trees.

But when planning a huge bash, such as hers turned out to be, my focus was not on simply just cupcakes; but all the aspects of planning a party, which with two kids doesn’t leave enough time to make and create all the wonderful ideas that swim around in my brain.

Unless I completely neglect them and we all know..that would just be wrong 🙂 and ironic in a weird way.

So in the end I decided to just make a hula girl cake…….

And went with an assorted bunch of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes quickly frosted in a variety of bright colors….

But I did made some other delectable delights but I will focus on them in another post!!!

At the end of the party, there was not a crumb left of anything….I love that, because it means I did my job and I did it well!!!



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